Career services mean a high return on investment, if chosen wisely!

Our Career Services provide you end-to-end support with professional guidance and the best prices worldwide for such personalized career services. Graduates who seek employment require a profile that is competent, eye-catching and better than the rest. If you are a student or a recent graduate interested to find an internship or another work contract, you are steps away from being assisted in a professional and honest manner. Career consulting services provided by our professionals who have worked in different countries in Europe and Asia will help you strengthen your profile. From CV check/correction, CV creation services, Motivation Letter or Cover letter writing to Mock interviews, we provide you all solutions for improving your job applications.

Hello Job in Paris started as the world's first platform exclusively for English Jobs in Paris. Today, we are also successfully providing employment consulting services for jobs in Paris and worldwide. We hold expertise in job-application documents in dozens of countries around the world. We can listen to you and discuss with you about the areas your profile needs to be worked upon - without any costs. Based on the free portfolio evaluation, you can then decide on buying one or more of our Career services.



Our Services

CV creation

50 Euros
Best Price Worldwide!

CV Check

25 Euros
Best Price Worldwide!

Action Plan

For free!

LinkedIn Profile

25 Euros
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Motivation Letter

40 Euros
Beat our price!

Mock Interview

(Phone) and feedback
70 Euros!



With experience of having helped candidates from 14 nationalities, we have tailored application documents for over 20 countries.

The expertise keeps on growing as we keep providing career services at fees that are more than justified!



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A generous HR personnel would glance at your CV for around 10 seconds. Those seconds can make or break all the remaining recruitment procedure. It is important to not only know the job, but also how to write a resume or CV.


Actions speak more than words. What are your past professional experiences, extra-curricular, initiatives or creative projects? Did you make a difference in a college club? The portfolio of your activities presented in the right way paints the right picture.

Motivation Letter

Recruiters are as unpredictable as anyone else. It is never a good idea to take the Motivation Letter lightly. Find it impossible to customize or write your motivation letter ? There are methods to tailor each for a different job without hassle.

...And the Interviews

Interviews are the final steps and the ones that you can better at only with experience. It is a rare phenomenon to land a job with the very first interview. Instead of having your first learning experiences in a real job interview, it would be a great opportunity to have a professional prepare you for them. This way, you can go prepared for your very first interview and not waste real opportunities in the learning loop. Career services at Hello Job help you to learn from the feedback from a mock interview.

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Talk to Us

Do not hesitate to drop us a message about yourself. We are always happy to discuss with students!


Career Services - Our Ideology

It is not just logistics of give and take with us. Strictly professional and committed, we also value ethics. Therefore, we embrace the truth that everyone is different, and hence no one package can be paid for to hone a profile. Our career services do not comprise of standard or pre-defined services for all the candidates. We will discuss with you based on your portfolio evaluation and propose the applicable services such as the CV creation service. There are many instances when we have just asked the prospective clients to apply on our free English jobs in Paris portal, or take time to build their profile instead of taking our career consulting services.

As a result, the procedure to boost your chances to work in Paris starts with a detailed discussion. Based on our first-hand evaluation, we offer you some solutions where you profile needs improvement. Only then we will reach and agreement and work together on your profile!

What Next?


jobs in paris  You will be provided a free template where you can fill the details of your profile

work in paris  Free Evaluation of your profile based on the details provided by you

job application consulting  Suggestions of suitable services that we can provide, only if applicable!

english jobs in paris  Payment for the services applicable in your case

english jobs in paris  Constant support and commitment to your satisfaction


Career Services Pricing

We pay heed to the fact that you are students, and hence our services are fairly priced. As discussed above, we will only propose our services if we feel they are applicable to your situations (your VISA, your profile, and the connection between your profile and the career you aspire for). Thereafter, the services applicable on each of you will be different.

As a result, while the exact price for each client will be different, we definitely promise that most of our services cost no more than a couple of restaurant meals.


Overview of our most popular Career Consulting services

Other than the first-hand free profile evaluation, we provide the following employment consulting services-

CV creation : Depending on the field of the jobs you are applying to, we will ensure that the content of your CV or resume meets the requirements of the French system, represents your profile aptly, highlights your strengths well and looks nice! We create a great looking and professional CV/Resume with our CV creation service. Alternatively, you can choose our express CV-check service and get the detailed feedback that you need to improve your CV!

Motivation Letter Writing : We are able to polish your motivation letters, and also provide a set of guidelines to easily customize your motivation letters for different companies without making them appear generic.

Interview Preparation : We will prepare you for interviews based on our professional experiences. What matters to your prospective employer and what to expect on the interview date, including some must-haves.

Reference Letters : Importance of Reference letters really becomes a major factor many a times. The content and structure of Reference letters, based on the target job, is also a part of the dimensions of career consulting.

LinkedIn Profile Updation: Our clients made us realize the importance of this service! After we worked on their CVs or motivation letters, they would often ask us to also work on their LinkedIn profile. We tried and got great feedback! Now we provide this as an option to all our potential clients.

Profile Building : If you are an enrolled student, an action plan to build your profile in the coming months or year might be recommended by us. For fresh, inexperienced candidates, our profile building advice, derived from real life experiences and expert knowledge, will ready you for employment in time.


English Jobs in Paris

Hello Job in Paris continues to host the world's first and only portal with a listing of exclusively internships and jobs that fall under "English Jobs in Paris". This listing includes internships, CDDs and CDIs in the Paris region or Ile de France, by several startups as well as big companies.

You can be 100% assured that none of the jobs listed on our English Jobs in Paris portal mention any requirement of French fluency. It is simple to apply to these English jobs in Paris by going to the page of the job you are interested in, and clicking on the "apply now" button.

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Get your CV + Motivation Letter created by Recruitment Professionals for only 

72 Euros - Best Price Worldwide

*Reduction valid for clients with a professional experience of less than three years



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