Business Schools in France – World Rankings & Advantages

"The world's first Business School is still one of the best Business schools in France

Updated Data : 2021

"Business Schools" might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear France. Nonetheless, France holds outstanding credentials in Business Schools. In different programs and different fields within Business studies, France has a number of mentions in the worldwide top rankings. If you look outside of the US, Business Schools in France are doing great on world rankings, despite a traditional focus on the French language. Therefore, for students who still find themselves with limited options must read this article about Business schools in France.

MBA programs - INSEAD is #2 worldwide

MBA continues to be the most popular degree in the business world. One that originated in the US, its top 10 rankings are dominated by the American Business Schools. But there is a French Business school that tops this list - INSEAD. With campuses in Paris, as well as newer ones in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, the tagline of this business school is - The Business School for the World.

INSEAD was the world's #1 Business school in 2016 as well as 2017 based on FT rankings. Like most European MBAs, the INSEAD MBA lasts for not more than a schools in france

Master in Finance - 4 French Business Schools in Top 5

Master in Finance, also abbreviated as MiF, is also a program where French Business schools hold excellent records. 5 French Business schools are in the top 5 and 6 in the top 10 in the worldwide MiF pre-experience FT rankings 2017.

It is the perfect degree for students with little or no work experience who are interested to work in the finance sector. The weighted average salary is really impressive, easily surpassing $100,000 per year for most of the top 20 programs.

MiM Programs - 3 French Business Schools in Top 10

MiM is to Europe and India what MBA is to the rest of the world. MiM stands for Master in Management and this degree is quite similar in its course structure to an MBA. The benefits of an MiM degree is that it is designed for freshers and does not necessarily require work experience in order to get an admission. In fact, many MiMs have a work experience limit beyond which they do not accept applications. The duration of this program is generally 2 years. However, a majority of the students take gap semesters/gap years and work as an intern or find longer duration contracts while maintaining their student status. This helps them gain several months of valuable professional experience during their student lives and increases the duration of the program by the same amount.

Three out of the world's top 10 MiM programs are from Business Schools based in France. In fact, these 3 Business schools have been in the top 10 FT MiM rankings regularly in the past many years. These Business Schools are - HEC, ESSEC and ESCP Europe.

ESCP Europe Business School has six campuses in Europe - Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Turin and Warsaw. Recently, ESCP also started an MBA program which is expected to do as well in the international rankings as all of its major programs.

Executive MBA - 4 French Business Schools in top 10

Also known as EMBA, executive MBA is a degree for highly experienced and senior professionals, with work experiences in the order of a decade. It helps them to not only re-familiarize with some concepts but also to stay abreast with the latest trends.

4 Business schools in France are in the world's top 10 list of Business schools and many others in the top 100 rankings of EMBA program, according to FT Rankings.

Educational style of Business Schools in France

Business programs all over the world lay emphasis on hands on learning. French Business schools are highly international, with some having students from 50+ nationalities enrolled at a given time. This international experience makes the practical case studies and assignments more effective. Teamwork and adaptability to different cultures is honed by this aspect.
Mandatory internships as a part of programs like MBA and MiM help students gain professional experience during their student life. Students can choose to work in different parts of the world and in the fields of their choice. On the academic front also, electives and specializations can be customized by students. Therefore, students enrolled in French Business Schools get the support to build the career of their choice.

Benefits of choosing French Business Schools

Studying in Europe is a very dynamic experience. France, especially its capital region Île-de-France is very international. As a business student, proximity to a number of large businesses as well as SMEs is advantageous. Interactions to learn and networking to gain a perspective are supported by these factors. People from different nationalities, cultures, with different languages and behaviors live together and learn a lot from each other. French itself is one of the 3 most prevalent languages in the world (prevalent does not indicate the number of speakers but the number of countries that speak the language. The other two are English and Spanish). The French culture and cuisine are rich and its history is huge. Given the proximity to other countries with their own strong and distinct cultures also gives the opportunity to visit and experience them. Therefore, working in such an international environment in one of Europe's economically leading powers is beneficial.

For a business student, this is important because business problems are not the only aspect of being successful in this field. The ability to interact with, coordinate with and get work done with people from different cultures is as important.

Employment Opportunities for French Business Schools' Alumni

A number of startups are coming up in France and 500+ MNCs exist in its Business district. This data is also promising for English speakers who have a strong profile. Due to the strong emphasis on internships in France, procuring a job is facilitated by good and relevant professional work experience. To get an idea of the jobs available for English speakers in the Paris region in a number of fields, you can check out this listing of Paris internships & jobs. You can contact us if you have more questions or are looking for a CV check or guidance related to your profile.