CDI Contract

CDI contract

CDI contract is the permanent employment contract (contrat durée indéterminée or a contract valid for an undetermined duration) which is more commonly applicable for full-time jobs than part-time jobs. In most conventional cases, this is the job contract which is the ultimate objective after doing internships, apprenticeships, CDDs etc. The contract has no fixed term and hence the verbal agreement and the written statement varies from case to case. If the employee prefers a written statement then the user is supposed to submit a written contract to him or her.

An important characteristic of the CDI contract is the probationary period (informally known as the trial period). It is the term which allows both the employer and the employee a short (generally 2-3 weeks) notice period to induce flexibility to end the contract within the probationary period. The concept behind this period is that in case of issues encountered after the contract begins, either party can choose to end the contract with much less hassle and a lot more ease compared to the time after the probation period has already passed. The probationary period varies depending on the specific clause of a particular contract. Hence, it is a sensible concept which gets rid of any risk while preserving the job security that follows after the probationary period is over.

In this blogpost, the characteristics of a CDI contract are discussed.


The crucial components of a CDI contract include most of the characteristics of a CDD contract. Following are the important points you should look for:

  • the identity and address of the parties,
  • Duration and terms of the probationary period for both the company as well as the hired employee
  • Number of paid holidays granted
  • Duration of the contract
  • Salary (and bonus, if applicable)
  • Location of work
  • Working hours
  • Collective agreements governing the conditions of employment
  • The job title of the hired employee
  • Changing terms of the contract of employment
  • Notice periods in case of breach of contract
  • The clause that the contract is valid for an indefinite amount of time (CDI)
  • Employee Benefits
  • Agreement about Social Security contributions

The contract may also include the following information -

  • Terms of Employment
  • The description of the roles and responsibilities of the hired employee
  • Nondisclosure Agreements
  • Grounds for Termination


Your employer should offer professional training (DIF) to the employee.

The written CDI contract is in French. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the employee to translate and understand the contract. However, it can be checked with the employer whether an unofficial translated version is available.

Break the contract if you are not satisfied with the job with proper notice period. The employer is also given an opportunity to check your abilities, skills and the way you solve the problems

Some commonly used terms:

Licenciement pour faute grave

Employer fires the employee because the employee's skills are not up-to the expected mark.

Rupture conventionnelle

Employer and employee agree to end the agreement

Prise d’acte de la rupture

The discovered illegal activities of the employer can be stated and the job can be quit with proper measures.

CDI contract vs CDII contract

Do not confuse the CDI contract with the CDII Contract.

CDII (Contrats intermittents à durée indéterminée) is a type of contract which is intermittent and for an unlimited term. It is also called as vacataire contract. A three-month notice is required in case you want to quit the job.

Advantages of CDI contract

· Employees council
· Thirteenth month' bonus
· Guaranteed maternity leave
· Guaranteed paternity leave
· Restaurant vouchers
· Subsidized travel
· Annual leave
· Sick leave
· Public holidays
· RTT days

The minimum annual paid leave in France (apart from public holidays) is 30 days. Therefore, every employee is entitled to these holidays as governed by the French law. These holidays do not include any weekends that might be present in the holiday period.

how to get a cdi contract

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The application procedure

The applications can be broadly divided into two categories that are the most prominent by volume. Networking is a well known and smart way to find your way to the recruiter and be able to discuss your fit for the organisation. The other common way is applications via internet. Platforms such as Hello Job in Paris, LinkedIn, and even the job portals on company websites fall in this category.

Usually, some factors might come into play regarding the work permit. In France, in simple terms, the employer must prove that the hired non-EU applicant is better than any EU applicant available. Apart from the language skills, these are some of the factors that might make things more complicated. The size of the company and the field of job are variables in this regard that may effect how much of an impact these factors might cause. Of course, it depends considerably from company to company and from position to position.

The hiring process generally comprises of the screening process, a first interview (usually with the HR recruiter) and the interview(s) with the concerned department. Often, a written case study is conducted before the final interviews. The entire recruitment process can last several months, and often takes between 2-4 months.

A typical successful profile is one with an experience of 2-3 years for an entry-level CDI. The pay-scale varies a lot for different fields and positions. A CDI is arguably the most competitive job market. While the applicants face the competition to get hired, the companies also strive to hire the best talents. Conclusively, in order to become a top applicant, the profile-building would take a couple of years.

Smart planning and a focused attitude make up for the ingredients of an ideal candidate for CDI in France.

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