10 Tips to Get an English Job In France

"What is specific about getting an English Job in France ?


If you have ardently been looking into jobs in France as an English speaker, most probably you are aware of how different it is from applying to jobs that require French fluency. However, to successfully secure your English job, you need to know beyond the differences. You must figure out a way to work on the factors that actually make a successful application. In other words, it is more important to work on those factors which have more weight for English jobs in France. After all, it is logical that as long as a company or a position does not primarily deal with French speaking clients, skills and experience of a fitting candidate matter the most. The following 10 tips to get an English Job in France or in its economic hub of the Paris region will help you boost your application. A portfolio of these factors put together goes very well with the requirements of English jobs in France :


english job in france

1. Skills

Which job does not require skills? Even if you are fluent in French, skills are a must. The question is about how differently a recruiter looks at the skills of an English speaker.

Skills matter not necessarily to compensate your lacking French skills, but they project you as a smart expat talent who is here to contribute to the firm you are applying to. Your skills should reflect and support your confidence to live and work in a foreign land. Moreover, the very fact that the firm is welcoming English speaking talents confirms that the job position requires skills before anything else.

2. Flawless CV

When you have re-drafted your CV ten times in the past 2 months, you are probably close to your final flawless draft. Some seemingly not-so-relevant factors do make a big difference. Do not apply for an English job in France with a French CV if you do not speak French. Do not make a two page CV unless you are applying for an executive level position; and so on. Your CV is the sole piece of information which when looked at for no more than 15 seconds decides where you go any further. To get an English job in France, job #1 is to polish your CV! A reliable CV check could prove to be an enormous value for money in this scenario. No matter how intricately you have worked on your CV before applying to English jobs in France or another country, a second point of view from an experienced professional will always bring out a large number of improvements and suggestions as our experience says.

Effectively, you will know it when your CV is the best that it can possibly be.

3. Customized motivation letter

Don’t underestimate the power of a really nice motivation letter. Yes, it is possible it will never meet the eye, but if it does, it will matter a lot. So, be consistent with equally good efforts with the Motivation letter and make it catchy, professional, customized and informative. A standard good-for-all letter is definitely not so. It is not as difficult to make a customized Motivation letter as it seems. We discussed how smart application approaches are what you need; a part of that smartness is to figure out an assembly line to roll out good motivation letters efficiently. When you are applying actively, you are definitely motivated. Why make your motivation letter contradict that?

What makes a motivation letter stand out is the customized content that talks to the recruiter.

4. Prior Professional Experience

Definitely, there is always a first experience in order to have any prior experience. If you are starting from scratch, it can be an amazing and highly effective strategy to iterate towards more and more enriching professional experiences. Think strategically and take one step at a time to execute this strategy. Another positive aspect of this strategy is that you do not waste time in hopes of landing directly on a dream job or internship. Instead, as you slowly improve from smaller professional experiences to larger ones, your profile shows that you have been engaged in relevant activities from time to time.

Believe it or not, this is a smart and professional approach which is bound to succeed.

5. Demonstrated commitment

If you do not carry previous professional experience, demonstrating your commitment is a great tip for you to get an English job in France. Continuously keep yourself engaged in relevant activities and keep rising without a break. Examples are part-time jobs (we are not talking about student jobs in retail or fast food chains for the moment) or a member/leadership in school societies that require skills similar to your dream job’s. Such a profile shows commitment and the ability to stay involved with your interests.

6. Great Interview

Be far more dynamic in your interview than your CV and Motivation Letter have already projected you as. Prepare well but also get better at living up to your preparations. Often, the direction of your preparation might be different than that of the actual interview. Therefore, as much as advice from those who have succeeded at similar interviews would help, go to the interview with an open mind. Try to circle the discussions around your strengths so that your skills get more time and exposure. At the same time, do not shy away from highlighting where you might not be a master at the moment, because no one knows everything. It is perfectly fine to be able to demonstrate ability to learn what you currently do not know.

Some interesting moments from the interview can leave a precious good imprint on the recruiter. Take this opportunity to prove to the recruiter how valuable you can prove to be for the company.

English Jobs in France

7. Differentiated profile

Highlight your strengths in the best light. Each of the above can be a tool to differentiate yourself. However, there are a number of creative ways to tell the recruiter how your personality and talent speaks as much as any certification, experience or achievement. It adds a lot of pluses to your application.

Don't forget that the recruiter is not only looking for a smart and skilled person but also for someone who (s)he would be excited and comfortable to work with.

8. Global Citizen

Studies, projects and internships in international frames are more effective than travel & tourism to showcase how smoothly you can work with people around the globe. It not only proves that you have developed an understanding of different cultures but also makes you more dynamic. Working and studying in different countries shows that you are not afraid to face new challenges and experiences.

Getting hired often has to do with the preferences of the recruiter, and many recruiters see an international profile very positively. Therefore, no matter where you are studying in the world. If your college has partners around the globe, apply for an exchange program or another available opportunity to enter the world of international mindset.

9. Smart Application

Applying to the jobs that seek profiles like yours is one of the things that increase your chances. If you anything that comes your way, you are likely to be confused and it will reflect in your interview and even on your documents! This is not only true while applying for an English job in France , but for any job!

Some services and industries are more likely to deal in local language with most clients &/or customers. Carefully analyse that out of the jobs or industries that you are interested in, which ones are likely to be interested in you. Take into account the scenario of the job market in each industry and give ample thought to what can work out best for your career + interests.

10. Patience

Believe it or not, your attitude reflects on your application. If you have faced a hundred rejections and do not trust yourself anymore, it is highly unlikely that the recruiter will. The only key is to not only carry a good professional attitude, but keep improving your strategies continuously. Even before you would meet the recruiter in an interview, the attitude would play an important role. Therefore, as an English speaker trying to obtain a job in France, especially without prior work experience in Europe, patience and confidence must go hand in hand.


Finally, good luck getting an English Job in France !


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