Resume Writing Services – How to Choose a CV writing service?

resume writing services


Several talented job applicants need help and guidance to best present their profile to the recruiter. It is only fair if a Financial Analyst is not able to decide on the colors and format of the document! As a result, several resume writing services are present online. However, with hundreds of dollars being charged to create each resume, the big question is - HOW TO CHOOSE A CV WRITING SERVICE that is worth it? Our experts share their honest opinion -


The Difference between Resume and CV

Do not spend a lot of time wondering about the difference between a CV and a resume. The terms are used interchangeably all around the world. You must focus on the "document specifications that are accepted in the employment market where your target job lies".

Resume Writing Services - What About the Free Ones?

In short - they are "no good"!

No amount of time spent on looking up "free resume template" or "free CV services" will be time well spent. First of all, you need to understand what qualifies as a good CV.

Next, imagine how a free service will provide you a product which requires investment of time and help you to get a good job? Each good CV is tailored to an individual profile and its target job. From the local CV guidelines to the applicant's profile, everything plays a role in shaping the CV - it is not something an online cv creator can do until today, and that is for sure.

Free CV checking services - Feedback by Email

Yes, it is an email that addresses you with your name. Try that automatic service again with another name and see the difference in the feedback. Got the same "tips" again? That's because everything about "free" CV checking services is "automated". Unless you have found an NGO providing these services, no one is spending time to help you get a job for absolutely no cost at all.

Free Resume Writing Services are simply of No Use!

It takes a lot of time and effort to find someone knowledgeable and who is a human (not an automatic machine) that can make a real positive change to your CV or resume

So How Can I Find Good Resume Writing Services?

Now that we have gotten rid of the free ones, we have practically removed 70-80% of the options from our focus. How to find a good resume writing service among the rest "paid ones"?

Can I afford a paid CV Writing Service?

This question will remove 99% of the remaining options! Believe it or not, CV writing services have become a money minded business more than anything else.

After all, aren't they making this worse by being available only to the ones that can afford them?

Affordability is the Key

As you could probably see where this is going - we would encourage you - in a completely unbiased manner (despite having our own experts for CV writing) - that you should always aim for a genuinely worthy Resume writing service.

Good News - Affordable CV writing services Exist!

Once again - we would not like to mention our service yet. But there are several CV writing services that do not charge you $170 for one CV!

CV Check with us - 20 Euros - Unbeatable Price for Quality

Our dedicated professionals genuinely care about your efforts and your need for a job. Only for 20 euros, you can get expert advice and feedback with tips on exactly what to change and how in your CV. Technically, we just charge you equivalent of the time we invest 🙂

CV writing by us - 50 Euros - Guaranteed Unbeatable Pricecv writing services

Our experts with international experience in employment consulting services can create a CV for you from scratch! While doing so, they keep in mind the local employment market of your target job, and various other factors. And they do it all for only 50 Euros. You can check for yourself - it is definitely an unbeatable price for the quality and service that we deliver with care 🙂



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