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Why is a legitimate CV checking service important?

When it comes to CV checking or Resume correction, our professionals believe that even after repeated amendments for months, many talented graduates miss some key points in their CVs. As a result, their strengths do not meet the eyes of the recruiter because a recruiter generally spends less than 10 seconds looking at a CV. There are reasons that you have never thought of but they have been playing immense role in your applications. You can perhaps do your own resume correction after reading these 10 tips!


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During an online CV checking, we specially take care of the following points which may also serve as great CV tips for you :

 1. Defying country-specific CV guidelines

Based on our expertise in resume correction, we understand that many countries have specific CV guidelines. In fact, what is acceptable or even desirable in a CV for one country might be a complete no-no for another country. As you can see in the infographic, including information like hobbies, gender, race, photograph and the layout are few of the most common aspects of CV that are subject to change in different countries. It is one of the most important CV tips for international applicants that country guidelines should be kept in mind. While performing an online CV check, our professionals also bear this in mind during resume correction. Read our article on How to Write a French CV.

2. Incoherent sentences

Even native English speakers are very likely to miss noticing this flaw in their CVs. The structure of each sentence should be similar so as not to confuse a quick CV-reader.

For example:

  • Carried out Marketing campaigns
  • Was the leader of international projects

is not as good as

  • Carried out Marketing campaigns
  • Led international projects

Now, both the bullet sentences are not only in the same sentence structure, but start with action words.

3. Uneven Layout

It is a great challenge to be able to make a CV dynamic and yet keep the layout very even throughout. This can be done by making different sections of the CV easily identifiable and only justifiably different. For example, the sections about professional experience and volunteered experiences can have a different layout than the section about your language skills & professional skills.

4. Grammatical Errors and inconsistencies

There can be few things worse than grammatical errors in a CV. Therefore, no matter how many weeks or months you have spent on your CV, a third person will look at it a different way and point out the flaws that your eyes have become used to. Grammatical errors are often encountered and are a complete turn-off for any recruiter as soon as he or she spots them. To perform a resume correction, it is very import to ensure that it is not only free of any grammatical errors, but has used the best words.

Moreover, different kinds or different number of bullet points, a punctuation here and there, uneven spacing, etc contribute to an unappealing CV.

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5. Hidden strengths

Your strongest point perfectly relevant to the job profile might miss the eyes of the recruiter due to a small neglect. The key is to highlight the important points using formatting and colors but yet not go too far - ending up with an unprofessional CV.

6. Usage of unprofessional or boring fonts

Some fonts like Times New Roman are now avoidable despite looking professional. The reason is not well defined, but just that it might be perceived as outdated, boring or unappealing and hence unprofessional due to insufficient research. Hence, depending on the person reading your CV, using an appropriate font is necessary.

7. CV checking for wordinessresume correction

Most CVs are wordy and lack quantifiable data. It is necessary to collect and correctly present easily interpret-able data such which explains more than the space it takes. Quality must exceed quantity, remember?

The place to use words more than anything else is your "Motivation Letter" or "Cover Letter". A CV is a crisp set of information to paint a beautiful picture of all your positive dimensions needed by the recruiter.

8. Appearance

First impression is the last impression. Whether it is to stand out as a positive candidate in the middle of mediocre CVs, or stand out as a negative candidate among ample of good CVs, working on the appearance of the CV seems like the way to go. Since for beginners it might require investing time in research and execution, CV checking can be a fast and credible solution. Specially with the country-specific guidelines talked about earlier, experts can handle this aspect with ease.

We have seen that the appearance and contents must take into account. However, they should also take into account the job profile. A marketing CV's appearance and layout is not the best fit for that of an analyst's, and vice versa.

9. Irrelevant information

Irrelevant information not only doesn't work on a recruiter, but also gives the impression that you just want to fill up the one page of your CV by anything just because you do not have enough relevant strengths. Therefore, it is a big red signal.

Your resume is the one document that is a crisp "source of information" for a recruiter before it is anything else. Irrelevant information just devours those precious few seconds that the recruiter spends on reading your CV.


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After encountering lots of CV writing & correction companies with their exorbitant prices, I almost gave up on my effort to find quality and affordable service. Luckily, soon I found out about Hello Job in Paris, and they assisted me in a very professional and sufficient way.  Ocean of thanks,  Hello Job in Paris!

- Ayten Eminova
Targeting Public Health and Cultural Social Analysis in Scandinavia

There is more to Resume Correction

Correcting the above 9 flaws is a prerequisite, not the end of the story. resume correctionA recruiter, or any other person for that matter, may perceive your strengths differently. Therefore, since your application is to be reviewed by another person, professional viewpoint different than yours is crucial. To make a resume correct, there is a need to make it up to the mark. Applicants to different fields are expected to carry expertise in different skills. What is a better way to convince the recruiter of your skills than to present them via your resume? Undoubtedly, one of the most effective CV tips is to make your resume speak about you beyond the words it contains.

Apart from this, there are a number of ways to make your CV strong enough to make a lasting impression on a person who has to read hundreds of CVs and can not pay attention to the entire content of any.

Therefore, CV checking should not only find the flaws in a CV, but take a step further and suggest important improvements in the other aspects. Our professionals provide free guidance along with your corrected CV.


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